Why is the Church giving Ramadan lessons to its Members?

As Christians, we are to love our neighbors and do good to those who are in need. I personally agree with the obedience of God’s word however, it is a line that should not be crossed. We should not worship any other God but Jehovah (Elohim).

April 2022 is a Holy Month for Christianity where Christ Jesus paid the cost for our sin. It is His death, burial, and resurrection that should be observed, period (bottom-line)! Why is the need to look into or share the practices of Ramadan? There is one woman pastor who decided to tell her experience with the Syrian and Iraqi she helped long ago. It inspired her to teach her members about the Muslim faith during our observance of our Lord and Savior.

Read this complete article called “As Afghan refugees celebrate Islam’s holy month, church gives Ramadan lessons”

Open Christian Bible in Church. Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

The United Church of Christ helps the many refugees from Afghan to settle in their new country with an online course aimed to teach Christians about Ramadan. Once again, there is a problem with the approach to inclusiveness.

Christians are not to entertain the futile worship of the Muslim faith but respect the people as they worship how they see fit. The wisdom of God comes to people as they seek the truth of Christ. He is the stumbling block to many wanting to go to heaven.

Book of the Qur’an Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

True acceptable worshippers have no need to understand to seek magical elements of oneness, as the woman pastor said, “something ‘magical’ happens as communities gather in the evening to break the fast [during Ramadan] with a meal called an iftar.” For some reason, she thinks they are similar to our faith. She is totally wrong. What have the Muslims learned about Jesus Christ? You read and compare the following beliefs, and make a decision to walk the path of following Jesus Christ alone.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

John 14:6 from King James Version
Koran Meditation Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com







Holy Bible




One God named Allah

Jesus was a prophet, but not the Son of God.

Since they do not believe in Crucifixion or Resurrection, Jesus hid until He could meet with the disciplines.

It is blasphemy to believe in three gods.

Sin is disobedience to the established law. Sin does not grieve Allah.

Submitting to the will of Allah is salvation. There is no assurance of salvation – it is Allah’s mercy to be granted.

It is acceptable to read as it is in agreement with the Qu’ran.

It’s the laster revelation to mankind to correct the errors of the bible.

The last prophet revelator with all authority on spiritual matters.


One God named Yahweh

Divine Son of God, He is God’s Word, and Savior to Humanity

Historical evidence by eyewitnesses that He died on the cross and rose three days later. His blood atoned many of their sins, and salvation is available for everyone.

One God co-existing with Jesus (Son of God) and the Holy Spirit (Power of God)

Sin is rebellion against God. Sin grieves God.

Salvation is a gift accepted by faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ on the Cross and provided through God’s grace.

It is the inspired revelation of God’s words – complete and not nothing to be added to it.

There is no divine revelation found in it.

Not acknowledged as a prophet or legitimate theological source.

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