Sermon on False Christian Denominations (Cults)

“When people are born again to a Christian Cult, you have a big problem. These groups that are theologically churches but are sociologically cults.” – Jacob Prasch

Listen to Bible Hebrew Teacher, James Jacob Prasch on this topic on False Christian Denominations. You will not be disappointed, but be encouraged to watch out for them – beware.

Time: 57 mins and 01 sec

Do you feel like you are in bondage at your local assembly?

Avoid these characteristics of a cult below:

  1. Deeds of the Flesh
  2. Claim monopoly of biblical truth
  3. Leader has personal interpretation of scriptures
  4. Become Lord to the Congregation instead of Jesus, the Messiah
  5. Lose your capacity to think rationally.

Understand these important words from sermon

Gnosticism – A sect or early thoughts from Christianity, Persian, Egyptian, Jewish ideas synergized. The Bible is not that important, and considered heretical by the mainstream Church.

Nicolaism – A sect or party of evil influence in early Christianity. The adherents were called Nicolaitans, Nicolaitanes, or Nicolaites. They were considered heretical by the mainstream Church. 

For more Information about Jacob Prasch

For a list of Christian Cult Church in the USA

Coming Out of Egypt

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