The Root Cause of Division within the Christian Faith

Colossians 2:8
“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

Please be aware that you are a Follower of Christ and not your local Leaders in your community. The Kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ alone. We are not subjected to denominations made by men, but you are set free unto liberty in Christ.

Listen to this speaker carefully.

From Bible Truth Ministries:

We are taught in scripture to be on one accord and of one mind. The only way this is possible is to be under the power and influence of one authority. This is why Christ said He would send us the Comforter; which is the Holy Spirit: So that we might be kept under His power and influence. This is the only way to be of one mind and of one Spirit. We are all to build on the one foundation laid by the apostles, and that foundation is CHRIST.

We must understand that every church denomination or sect all have one thing in common that puzzles me: Instead of pointing the world to Christ so that all Christian’s maybe members of His body: they all invite or entice you to be members of their body. This simply means that instead of promoting unity, they all promote division within the body of Christ. They allure you with their own tradition, or doctrine to make you feel that you are better off with them, than with another group or sect. Instead of promoting Christ they all promote confusion within the body of Christ. Because of this fact we have to conclude that neither of them could be the true Church. They all promote competing with one another, Because of the root cause of of their leader’s corruption “PRIDE”

Christ Himself said I will build my Church. Every Christian has one responsibility and that is to be a witness for Christ by letting his or her light shine so that Christ maybe glorified. That would simply eliminate the glory of men as leaders. Imagine what the church would be like if we didn’t have pastors? Imagine if all of God’s children considered themselves equal and lived their lives serving one another? Imagine if all Christians depended totally on the Holy Spirit for leadership and guidance, not men? Just imagine what it would be like!

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