16 Signs of Spiritual Jesters: Stop Tricking Christians

Beware, They Are Christian Cults!

You are following a cult leader in a Christian church fellowship, if they are doing the following:

  1. legalism – dogma of doctrine against the blood of Jesus.
  2. speak of activating your gift – tricking your mind to believe traditions of men.
  3. love armor bearers – become celebrities and have entourages.
  4. deify the ministry and church – only the church saves.
  5. make you believe that they have special revelation of God.
  6. titles, colors, and robes with deifying themselves and dead people.
  7. parade the gifts of the spirit – love prophesy and special insight.
  8. love church membership – you need a covering, dare not challenge them.
  9. church attendance is important – you dare not church hop.
  10. leader of the church or assembly is a “one man show.”
  11. love ceremonial pageantry spirit.
  12. love recognition – lift up christian education.
  13. bash or curve those who leave their church.
  14. bash in materialism – acting like the World.
  15. love to exalt their race.
  16. do not talk about hell or the wages of sin.

Run, my Friend!

See below the list of false religious churches of today, and avoid traditions of men.

List of U.S. Christian Cults

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